Who We Are

Founded in 2002, My Personal Bookkeeper, formerly known as the Sprau Advocate Group provides household and daily money management for changing families or anyone facing a life transition. The transitions span the spectrum of life experiences: aging, the death of a spouse, divorce, demanding careers, job relocation, downsizing a home, moving into assisted living, a change in cognitive abilities, or even just a desire to be less involved in the paperwork and other responsibilities that come with running a home. Whatever the reason, our number one concern is providing clients with the help they need when they need it most—with an efficient hand and a nurturing attitude.

My Personal Bookkeeper is staffed by a group of client advocates who walk that delicate line between professionalism and compassion. Highly competent and efficient—many have MBAs or have held high level positions in financial services companies—they also exude a warmth that inspires trust in client and family members alike, and make them welcome additions into a client’s home.