Lydia Morrissey


“I assist clients as if they were my own relatives by treating them with compassion and respect. Hopefully I can make not only their lives, but also the lives of those who love them, a bit easier.”

Client Advocate Lydia Morrissey joined the Sprau Advocate Group in June 2013 after she spent time helping her aging parents transition to the next stage of life. She wondered how people who did not have family members like her to advocate for them coped, and resolved to put her newly acquired skill set to use. Becoming a Client Advocate was quite a change from her former professions of commercial real estate and human resources, however, many of her natural skills and personality traits—including being detail-driven, people-oriented, empathetic and a good listener—have translated beautifully. At the end of the day, she says, if she has been useful to clients and their families, she has accomplished her goal.

Her background includes:

Education: BA from Northwestern University in Sociology and Urban Planning

Work: Ten years in commercial real estate and eight years in human resources

Volunteer Activities: Volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels; Vice President, North End Mother’s Club; Member, Loyola Academy Mother’s Club; Usher, Kenilworth Union Church

Passions: Chicago cultural events; taking care of her mother; skiing; attending her son’s basketball games

How she makes a difference: “I will always advocate for a client’s best interests. Plus I like to give them the confidence that certain tasks will be easier because they have been performed by someone they trust.”