Kathy Sprau

“It is incredibly rewarding to work with an amazing group of client advocates who hold the same value and goals: integrity, trustworthiness, dedication to service, resourcefulness, professionalism and a deep sense of compassion.”

Sprau Advocate Group founder Kathy Sprau, bookended by twin passions for entrepreneurism and service, first had the idea for her company when her parents became ill. She was smack in the middle of raising five children, and suddenly had to coordinate their care, navigate the health insurance maze, take over the day-to-day management of their finances and help her dad make the transition to an assisted care facility after her mom passed away. When she finally could catch her breath, she saw—and was encouraged by the professionals around her who watched her handle the landslide of tasks like a pro—that there was an unmet need to help families during these times of enormous transition. In 2003 Aging Grace was born. Its mission was to help the elderly, as well as their adult children, with the practicalities of running a life or a home while remaining as independent as possible for as long as possible. The company later became known as The Sprau Advocate Group after Kathy and her team realized realized that all the skills they used with their senior clients translated into nearly every kind of life transition—from the short-term needs of people going through a divorce or treatment for a serious illness to the longer term requirements of an adult with a disability or mild cognitive issues. Today, as My Personal Bookkeeper, the company may reach a wider audience with more diverse needs, but it does so with the same laser-focused mission as when she founded it: keeping their client’s lives in order through a remarkable mix of professionalism, resourcefulness and, above all, kindness.

Her background includes:

Education: BS in Marketing and Finance from Indiana University School of Business

Work: Medical Sales, American Hospital Supply, Corp; Founder of Cogent Source, an independent IT consultancy providing services in project management

Volunteer Activities: Former board member of University of Chicago Cancer Research  Auxiliary; 16-year volunteer with Midwest Palliative Care and Hospice of the North Shore; Ministry of Care at local churches; fundraising for Loyola Academy, St. Francis Xavier and the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado

Passions: Piano, reading, cooking, hiking, biking

How she makes a difference: “By keeping my clients’ lives in order, connecting the resource dots when appropriate, and always providing a listening ear.”