Meet Our Team

They have been called everything from “a ray of sunshine” and “angels” to “another family member” and a “kind and generous friend.” We are thrilled that this is the way our clients see their advocates. At My Personal Bookkeeper, Inc. (DBA Sprau Advocate Group), we take extraordinary care to hire people who, in addition to their formidable skills and professionalism, have that indefinable something extra that makes them, quite simply, a good person.

In fact, this quality is what we believe sets us apart. Not only can our client advocates organize and manage households with the focus and attention of an English butler, but they do so with a light touch and a deep concern for their clients as human beings. Our advocates speak their clients’ language, share their interests and, often, live in the same community. As a result, many clients and client advocates develop longstanding and highly rewarding working relationships.

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